About me

In Short:

I am a connector

In three parts: 

Fosters:   Self-expression    Comes In handy most when working with:   Individuals

I am ... Quirky

Fosters: Self-Expression

Comes in handy when working with: Individuals


I am ... Persuasive

Fosters: Community

Comes in handy when working with: Brands and their audiences

I am ... Optimistic

Fosters: Change + Growth

Comes in handy when working with: Calculated risks

*Fun fact: I credit much of my curiosity and love for language to the fact that I spent the vast majority of my childhood with my face stuck in a book.

Digging Deeper: 

Fueled by curiosity and an adoration for humankind, I systematize bespoke approaches to multidimensional discovery and delivery.

The rigor of my approach allows me to shed light on multiple angles of a complex idea, facilitating thoughtful interpretation and informed hypotheses as relevant patterns in culture and human behavior emerge. Systemization and reframing then comes into play, fostering the ability to convey or deliver the complex information in well organized and meaningful ways, mediums, or stories. 

Once the nuance, dimensionality, and depth of the idea have been well interpreted and conversed on β€” I can then distill and make beautiful the end result, and do so in a way that is harmonious among the individuals, communities, and tribes who are important to the growth and future of the idea and its expression. 

One of my favorite things about the work that I do is sharing ideas with people like you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out: πŸ“©

Download my resume: πŸ“